For decades, the firm has helped local governments and redevelopment agencies revitalize underutilized urban lands by creating employment, affordable housing, infrastructure and public open space. The recent elimination of traditional redevelopment agencies by the state legislature and the California Supreme Court has created new challenges for local governments as they strive to adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape. The firm assists local governments in meeting these challenges—from preserving tax increment financing for projects with enforceable obligations and implementing those projects, to finding alternative sources of public and private financing for new projects, to developing state and local legislative strategies. We have special expertise in environmental review of both large-scale plans and individual projects, acquisition of private and public land for project implementation, resolution of complex title matters, remediation of brownfields, and intergovernmental agreements. Examples of the firm’s redevelopment work include:

photo courtesy of IBI Group
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard,
San Francisco
  • Transbay Joint Powers Authority, San Francisco: SMW advises the Authority on the development of affordable housing and infrastructure in the Transbay District.
  • Hunters Point Shipyard/Candlestick Point Project: The firm resolved complex title, public trust, and environmental review matters for the largest redevelopment project in San Francisco, which will create affordable housing, retail, open space and infrastructure—including up to 12,000 new housing units—in a historically underserved community.
  • City of Alameda: SMW attorneys advise the City on environmental review, property acquisition, intergovernmental relations, title matters and hazardous materials remediation in connection with the conversion of the former Naval Air Station Alameda and the Fleet Industrial Supply Center, Alameda to housing, retail, parks and supporting infrastructure.
  • Sacramento Docks Project: The firm advised the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency on real property acquisition, environmental review, title matters and brownfields remediation for this project, proposing the construction of more than 1,000 housing units and development of retail and open space on the Sacramento River.