Planning Services

SMW’s in-house urban planners work alongside firm attorneys to provide expert planning support on a wide array of land use and environmental advice and litigation. The firm’s planners help public agencies navigate large-scale, complex land use projects. They prepare environmental documents, manage teams of technical consultants in diverse disciplines, negotiate with a broad range of stakeholders and regulatory agencies, and engage in collaborative planning. Our planners also assist community and environmental groups in administrative proceedings, analyzing environmental documents, preparing public comments, presenting testimony, and negotiating with planning staff. Examples of the firm’s planning work include:

photo by Robert Campbell, Chamois Moon
Marin Headlands
  • Marin Countywide Plan Implementation: In connection with the award-winning Marin Countywide Plan, which was recently updated with SMW’s assistance, the firm’s planners and attorneys are preparing amendments to the County’s Development Code to implement wetland and stream conservation programs.
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission: Our planners are assisting SFPUC with the preparation of a complex EIR for a 21-mile water pipeline, running from Alameda County to San Mateo County, to improve water-delivery and seismic reliability.
  • Alameda County Waste Management Authority: SMW planners prepared the EIR and managed a consultant team for the development of a green and food waste composting facility in Alameda County.
  • Oakland Airport: As a representative of the Port of Oakland Stakeholder Advisory Committee, a planner with the firm participated in the development of the Oakland Airport Master Plan.
  • Rodeo Citizens Association: The firm’s planners and attorneys represented Rodeo residents before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the City of Hercules and negotiated “good neighbor” agreements to protect the community from and compensate them for the air quality and health impacts of an oil and gas refinery.