Affordable Housing

SMW advises public agencies on a variety of affordable housing issues, from inclusionary housing to redevelopment to rent control. The firm assists agencies in devising innovative programs to create and preserve infill affordable housing in urban areas to enhance the livability of these areas and as an antidote to suburban sprawl. The firm represents community groups seeking to ensure that development projects include affordable housing. Attorneys in the firm also have extensive experience defending government actions designed to preserve housing affordable to low income, disabled, or elderly persons. Examples of SMW’s work in the field of affordable housing include:

photo courtesy of Roger Hooper
Senior Housing, Berkeley
  • Affordable Housing Associates of Berkeley: SMW successfully defended a challenge to affordable housing for low income seniors in Berkeley (Bowman v. City of Berkeley, 131 Cal.App.4th 173 (2005)), and a challenge to affordable housing for working families, artists and emancipated youth in downtown Oakland.
  • City of Sacramento/Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency: The firm helped to draft the City’s inclusionary housing ordinance and an ordinance establishing a Housing Trust Fund, advised the Agency in the preparation of a nexus study to support the ordinance, and defended the ordinance in federal court.
  • City of Folsom: The firm helped to revise the City’s housing element and draft an inclusionary housing ordinance.
  • City of Citrus Heights: The firm helped the City to draft a mobilehome park rent stabilization ordinance.